All your baby needs is you …

BOOKING:  Click here to go directly to information about setting up a lactation consultation in your home.  Please call 847-987-8079, email or Text to make an appointment or find out more about a consultation.  We are taking regular, straight-forward, non-grandfathered, non-federal PPO plans with BCBS (sometimes Anthem), Cigna PPO and some UHC plans. Call me for more information.

COVID-19 Guidelines:
Updated 6-6-22: COVID-19 Precautions: Beth wears a mask and gloves during consult.  You (and your partner if your partner is present) may also wear a mask.  Other children and animals must not be in the immediate consult area.  I am able to see COVID-19 positive patients, with extra precautions.  Please inform me that you or your baby are COVID-19+, so I can take extra precautions.   Thank you.