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Lady with Mask and Heart GlovesCOVID-19 Precautions:

Updated 6-6-22: COVID-19 Precautions: Beth wears a mask and gloves during consult.  You (and your partner if your partner is present) may also wear a mask.  Other children and animals must not be in the immediate consult area.  I am able to see COVID-19 positive patients, with extra precautions.  Please inform me that you or your baby are COVID-19+, so I can take extra precautions.   Beth had the Influenza (GlaxoSmithKline) vaccination on 10-10-22 and the COVID-19 bivalent (Pfizer) vaccination on 10-10-22.

We are infant feeding experts, so we can help you with your feeding challenges, even if you’ve already seen many other healthcare professionals.   We are here to Inspire, Prepare and Empower you in a non-judgmental way.  Let us help you meet your personal goals.

Lactation Consultations options:
$210 for a 2 hour Consultation – in the comfort of your own home.   This includes follow-up telephone, email and text support.  If a second in-person consultation is needed, the cost is $125.   Availability:  24/7 including weekends and holidays.       *for Insurance info., please scroll down*

$30 for a 30 minute Telephone Consultation; includes mailing you an info. pack, if needed.

Issues & Topics we can help you with:   Nipple pain, non-latching, poor latch, shallow latch, tongue-tie, lip-tie, latching, cleft palate, weak suck, positioning, poor/slow weight gain, F.T.T., blocked ducts, mastitis, reoccurring blocked ducts, reoccurring mastitis, abscess, medications, low milk supply, over supply, premature infant, twins, fussy nurser, thrush, pumping, choosing a pump, using your breast pump, returning to work, low pumping output, I.G.T., breast hypoplasia, at-the-breast supplementing, supplementing, mixed feeding, donor milk, milk banking, Domperidone, supply-line feeding, exclusively pumping, adoptive breastfeeding, surrogacy, chestfeeding, co-breastfeeding, breast augmentation, breast reduction, multiple breast surgeries, older babies, toddlers, weaning from breastfeeding, weaning from pumping, weaning from exclusively pumping and much more.

Dana T. and E.

What happens during a consult?
Most consults last about 1-1/2 hours, sometimes a little less, sometimes longer. Please make sure you eat before the lactation consultant arrives, so you are not hungry during the visit.  Please make sure not to tidy up before the LC arrives.  She’s there to see you and your baby(ies), not your home.
Take a detailed health history of you and your baby(ies)
Take a detailed history of the birth and breastfeeding experience
Assess your breast anatomy.Assess and weigh the baby(ies)Get you and your baby(ies) together comfortably.Observe you and your baby(ies) breastfeeding or attempting to latchAssist with refining breastfeeding technique and positioning

Gently assist non-latching babies to latch and breastfeed

Perform gentle oral examination and suck assessment

Create a follow-up lactation care plan

Follow-up with me until breastfeeding is on track

Are your services covered by my health insurance?
I am working with a few insurance companies. If you or your baby have a regular, straight-forward, non-grandfathered, non-federal PPO plan with BCBS (sometimes Anthem), Cigna PPO, Humana PPO your consult will likely be covered at 100% with no deductible and no cost-sharing, and no fees beforehand or at time of service.  Occasionally, UHC will cover a consult.  Most insurances with PNOA are covered.  Call or text me for more information.
Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 1.16.00 PMFor all other plans and HMOs, it likely won’t be covered. You can call your insurance company to try to request pre-approval or a gap exception.  Claims are frequently not accepted, so for these plans I do ask for payment up-front via check, cash, credit card or health care savings card/flex spending account card (FSA/HSA).  You will be given a medical insurance superbill (medically coded invoice/receipt) and directions on how to submit it to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  We do not guarantee reimbursement.

This is more than I can afford.   Can you give me a free visit?
We would love to be able to provide this to everyone.  The bond you build with your child with a pain-free breastfeeding relationship is priceless.   Many parents agree that the services provided are worth every penny.
If you need breastfeeding help and do have financial challenges, please talk to us.  There is almost always a way to work it out; such as a payment plan or a reduced rate.  You can use your credit card as payment too.  Please do not let finances deter you from reaching your breastfeeding goals.  If you are on Medicaid, please mention it.

BOOK A LACTATION CONSULT:Call, email or Text to make an appointment or find out more about a consultation.  847-987-8079 

What is an IBCLC?   This is the highest level of education and achievement that a person can have in professional lactation expertise.   During preparation to become an IBCLC, a candidate must have a minimum of 1,000 documented clinical hours of working with and counseling breastfeeding mothers, education in the following areas:  breastfeeding management, human anatomy, human physiology, biology, pharmacology, infant and child growth and development, maternal health, nutrition, cultural anthropology, research, psychology, communication skills, counseling, CPR, medical terminology, medical documentation, universal safety precautions, infection control, professional ethics, legal ethics and more.  Basic courses needed to pass board exam, click here and Core Clinical Competencies, click here.  In addition, the IBCLC candidate must have a university degree, complete 500-2,000 clinical hours and complete a minimum of 90 hours in lactation specific and related education.  This is all before the candidate is eligible to take a rigorous exam for board credentialing.  Post passing the board exam, the IBCLC must re-certify every 5 years through exam or 75 hours of additional lactation specific and related education.   IBCLCs are passionate, compassionate and knowledgeable experts in lactation.
Position paper on the role and the impact of the IBCLC, here.
Serving approx. 15 mile radius of Lake Zurich.


Beth with her lactation-consultant-in-training little friend, Jan. 2017

Assessing oral anatomy and suck for abnormalities and tongue-tie, 2018

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