About Beth

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 Beth Bejnarowicz, BA, IBCLC, RLC, CLS, PCD(DONA)

As most people in this field, my journey started with my first pregnancy.  I received the breastfeeding support I needed and trained for two years before achieving the goal of becoming a breastfeeding counselor in 2003.  Inspired by the over 1,000 mothers and families I supported with breastfeeding in England and in the U.S.A., I decided to work toward the rigorous goals of  becoming a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Certified Postpartum Doula, so I could have the honor of walking through those first several miraculous days and weeks with a new families.  I then trained for a further 8 years before achieving the goal of becoming an IBCLC.   And, in 2014 I attended an additional 3 day class Advanced Clinical Concepts in Lactation and regularly attend CEUs, because it’s important to me to keep my skills up to date.     I have been working in the field of lactation & breastfeeding since 2000.   I have two children, ages 22 and 18 years old.

I am a very experienced, knowledgeable and professionally trained lactation consultant and postpartum doula, highly skilled in helping a new  family after the birth of their baby(ies).  I provide knowledgeable, caring and personalized support during those first several weeks.

The postpartum period can be a time of uncertainty for new parents.   I help guide and share my knowledge in kind and non-judgmental ways, empowering you to develop your own special style of nurturing and parenting.

My personal style involves helping to maintain a peaceful place for the new parents and new baby(ies) to get to know each other.   This can mean practical things fielding telephone calls, running small errands, and keeping the baby-related clutter to a minimum.   More importantly, this can mean helping to integrate the new baby into the family, helping with feeding, helping siblings with the transition and meeting their practical needs, while making sure they’re getting their emotional needs met by their loving parents. I especially enjoy working with families with extra challenges, families from outside the USA,  families of twins, re-lactation, induced lactation, traumatic birth, anxiety and depression, and situations where breastfeeding is difficult or didn’t work out with prior babies.

I practice the less is more approach to life.     Our babies don’t need things, interventions or training.  They just need us.

I have a deep commitment to serve my community and am currently involved in many volunteer and activities.  I volunteer my time with my son’s school as a board member for the high school Orchestra, our local food pantry, other local and national charities, run several volunteer in-person breastfeeding support meetings each month, mentor breastfeeding counselor trainees, give hours of my time providing online and telephone breastfeeding support and provide support for parents who have had a traumatic birth experience.   I volunteer with BreastfeedingUSA locally and nationally, and am an original founding member of BreastfeedingUSA.  I am retired Vice-President of Northern Illinois Lactation Consultant Assn.(NILCA) (8 year term).   I am retired Vice-President of the H.O.P.E. Board Lake Zurich High School Orchestra non-profit organization.  I teach beginning breastfeeding classes, breastfeeding & returning to work classes, provide workshops on breastfeeding for doulas and breastfeeding counselor trainees and am a compassionate listener for those in need.  In my spare time, I volunteer more, and work more, go see local bands play, kayak, and walk my rescue border collie.

Beth with her family  (2021)
Photo by @Katie Hall Photography